PENTHESILEA (Edinburgh Fringe 2013)

* * * * *

Gripping theatre that explores passion, gender roles and power play.

I felt myself leaning closer towards the characters faces, as they drew me in with their well timed humour, percussive rhythms and moments of shock. I’d urge anyone to go discover this thought provoking classic for themselves.

Eleanor Lang — ThreeWeeks (14 August 2013)

* * * *

visually and aurally stunning

this strong female-led production is a rallying cry against the psychological insupportability of all forms of tyranny

a show worth seeing and worth mulling over for long after

Caitlin McDonald — OneStopArts (30th July 2013)

powerful, maddening theatre

a ferocious, literal battle of the sexes… The gender war has rarely been this brutal

plenty that stuns and provokes

Gwen Sims-Williams — BroadwayBaby

fiery and compelling

A barnstorming opening and a worthy ending … the culmination of Penthesilea's madness is wonderfully executed

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